Developer Skills


Our developers are in the forefront of web-development, fully versed in Razor, Html5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, knockout.js, and many more development frameworks. All developers at Rayong Consulting are also highly skilled back-end developers, each with at least a bachelors degree in computer science, and skills in .Net, C#, MVC, and ASP.Net.

Rayong Consulting is an offshore company that has chosen its base in Asia / Thailand, since many companies choose to leave India and Ukraine as offshore, where the problem has often been to get their projects prioritized and covered both considering quality and delivery on time, which often have posed problems for the customer and the customer’s customer.

We have chosen to offer three different packages for our customers. First, our least expensive package includes system development by our well trained and English speaking developers. Second, our most popular option is our S-certified development, in which our Swedish technical manager follows each part (sprint) in the development and follows up with you to confirm your satisfaction with the quality, understanding and delivery of the project. Third, if you as a customer would like to have a Swedish contact in Sweden, we also work with our partner, Spree, who has an office at Dalagatan 100 in Stockholm available. Spree is one of Sweden’s most innovative companies, having won several Microsoft development awards.

Our affiliated company “” is a real estate company that offers you the option to rent a beautiful resort home here in Ban Phe Thailand, about 2 hours away from Bangkok. You will have the ability to work in Thailand for up to three months, as our guest, and thus offering your employees an added incentive to develop your project abroad.

Project tools

Kompetens_logotyp_ProjectToolsWe use Scrum as a development method, which is perfectly suited for working with clients long-distance. As the product owner, you have 24/7 access to our development tools via the internet, and will be able to see your project’s backlog and progress as it’s developed.

Also, all code is always available for access by anyone on your team, giving you the ability to test at your home or office while development check.
We use the project tool CloudForge with a SubVersioN / GIT service connection, giving anyone who is part of the project full access to all code. We also use TeamForge as our scrum tool, where we add all backlog items, tasks and defects, while reporting all changes to everyone in the project.


Kompetens_logotyper_Customer_RelationRayong Consulting’s main business aim is to create satisfied customers. To succeed where many fail, we have chosen to use Key Account Management as an important tool to increase efficiency and profitability while developing understanding of the needs of you and your customers. We feel that combining understanding and efficiency with good technicians and project management is the recipe for success. Rayong Consulting has its office in Asia, which allows us to offer exceptionally economical alternatives to state-side software development. However, unlike most other offshore companies, we combine our skilled, affordable technicians with our Swedish technical managers – each who has senior capabilities in systems development and architecture. This team structure allows us to follow all project components to completion, and to manage each sprint / task to ensure that the end product is exactly what the customer wants, on time and on budget.

If you’d prefer to utilize our highly affordable development while using outside project management, you have the option to use the Swedish company Spree as principal, or use your own project management or development staff. Our location in Thailand’s pleasant beachside resort area of Ban Phe, just 2 hours outside of Bangkok, makes for a pleasant and relaxing work trip. Rayong Consulting is unique among offshore development providers, as our in-house Swedish manager and lead developer allow us to focus on delivering quality and customer satisfaction above all else.