Automatic Easy Reservation BAckoffice Live add-ON

Aerbalon simplifies your booking-based company’s office while also helping you to increase sales and create more satisfied customers.

Aerbalon uses automatic follow-up including automated customer emails including as reminder, confirmation/cancelation and welcome emails. Aerbalon also includes pages for purchase before arrival, on-site purchases, as well as room-service purchases – all via a web page – integrating with a hotel’s restaurant / reception via SMS. Do you work with agents or owners?

Aerbalon makes it easy to keep track of commissions and turnout, and also allows an agent to search available bookings or see his/her own bookings.

System Requirements:

WordPress Easy Reservation Plugin (Stay tuned for next system to be supported) Aerbalon is installed on a separate Windows based site, either in the cloud (Azure), or on your chosen site, and does not need anything except the ability to read a backup of your reservations table.

Aerbalon can also be adapted to other reservation system (contact us for quote). The system can also be tailored to your company’s specific needs, you can choose to do your own service, or let Rayong Consulting make it even easier for you.


  • Reminder email
  • Cancelation email
  • Confirmation email
  • Welcome email
  • Check-in email
  • Room-service
  • Pre-arrival orders
  • On-site information email
  • Event confirmation-page
  • On-site announcements


  • Reservation search
  • Available resources
  • Owner calculations
  • Agent calculations
  • Automatic owner-information