System Development


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S-Certification is your guarantee that your project receives the detailed attention of our experienced Swedish technical lead during every step of the development process, ensuring that your project meets and exceeds Swedish standards.

Many customers have previously encountered problems when using foreign development services, such as inferior quality, language barriers, lack of professional project management, and difficulty meeting deadlines.

At Rayong Consulting we eliminate these concerns with this S-Certified package, giving you the economical pricing of outsourced development with the quality and communication of a project handled by a Swedish firm.

All customers who choose this package will work directly with our owner and Technical Lead technicians (with 25 years of experience in development and architecture) while keeping up to date on project progress with both project management and Scrum. [/column] [column size=”1-3″ last=”0″]

Purchase of Development Hours without S- certification.

Our most affordable option includes system development by our skilled, English-speaking technicians using your in-house project manager. We have full project management systems in place that make it easy for you to remotely track each step of the project’s development and easily communicate with our development team on the specifics of your project.

Another option is to come to Thailand to help get your project started, in person. We have affordable, luxurious bechside accommodations available for your convenience. With the beautiful beach literally steps away from our offices, you can enjoy the sun and sea after work.
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Purchase of Back-Up Hours with Spree as Project Manager.

Rayong Consulting is partnered with the award-winning Spree Group, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

As our Swedish partner, Spree can also lead your project or provide on-site service. Spree has been on the market in Sweden since 2003, and is a certified Microsoft partner. Spree has also won several awards, recently winning 3 of the 5 prizes at the Microsoft Tech Days 2012.